lunes, 10 de febrero de 2014


Well, this is a race in the "Autodromo Rosamonte" the race track of the city.
Take care!

sábado, 1 de febrero de 2014

Paella at Home!

Well this is one of my favourites meals! Paella, because I really like the shellfish.

sábado, 25 de enero de 2014

Top of Lookout

The Parana River view from the top of a lookout!

martes, 21 de enero de 2014

Drinking Water!

Just a little bird drinking water, can someone tell me what kind of bird is?

domingo, 19 de enero de 2014

Runway to the ferry.

Before I show you the ferry, that is ancored in the river and is now a kind of attarction to visit, well this is the runway that goes to there, is in the fourth track of the riverside and in front of the old trainstation.

martes, 14 de enero de 2014

Descent in Urquiza Ave.

Well, this is a common landscape in Misiones, a los of descents and ascents, this is one on Urquiza Avenue looking west with the Parana river in the background. Salutes

lunes, 13 de enero de 2014

Bridge over Martires Creek (Chacabuco Av).

View of the road in the bridge over Martires creek, way to the airport coming to the west access through Chacabuco Avenue.